The Public Trust, and other silly myths

My family first arrived in Illinois in 1835. Every day of my life, I’ve called Illinois home. I complain about it sometimes, but I don’t know that I could ever move away. My pedigree in the Land of Lincoln (it is still called that, fortunately) is as deep as anyone’s.

Which is why today is such a sad day for me. My state, my city, and my political party have been sullied by a greedy, arrogant asshole who tried to sell something that he had been entrusted with. If the chance to appoint a U.S. Senator–in order to replace the President-elect of the United States, for crying out loud–truly was “effin’ golden,” why not just put yourself in that position and be done with it? Maybe you get re-elected when the term is up, and maybe you don’t. But you don’t end up going to prison for it. Didn’t think of that one, did you G-Rod? What a joke.

Is it too much to expect that public servants would be more interested in serving the public than in serving themselves? With one ex-governor already in the clink, and another one soon to join him, it appears that yes, it is too much to ask. And that’s just a damn shame.

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