A change is gonna come someday

I took my daughters to a Cuban restaurant tonight. We ate plantains, and medianoche sandwiches, and yucca for an appetizer, and it was all really good.  It’s been open for two months and I hope it can survive in the suburbs of a Northern city without any noticeable Cuban community. At least I did my part to keep it going tonight.

There were pictures of Cuba on the wall, and I found myself trying to explain what the story is with Cuba. And I found myself stumbling pretty badly, since it seems to have been a static thing over the course of my lifetime. I explained about Castro and communism and cigars and travel embargoes, and I hope I did at least a passable job, but I know that there are many more things than that they should know about (but I held off on describing what a Cuba Libre is, since there will be time for that one later).

I told them that after Castro is dead (actually, both Castro brothers, but that would have been a whole other story) things will be different. They asked if they could go to visit Cuba some day. When I told them they will likely get that chance, they seemed slightly more than indifferent to the idea, which counts as progress in some way.

I have been deprived of seeing Cuba as anything other than a shadowy, mysterious place ruled by a seemingly immortal dictator. But my children will someday get to see it as something other than that. Maybe I’ll even get to see it too. We can always hope.

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