A rock and roll miracle

I’ve been on vacation with my family for the past week, and haven’t had any time to blog lately. But it’s late at night, and I’m in the business center of a Holiday Inn that apparently doesn’t limit its internet usage, so here goes:

Country music has never been my thing. I live in a city with just one country station, and people who like that sort of music know where they can go to find it. And everyone else knows where to avoid it. But every so often, when I find myself out on the road and far from home, things get more complicated than that. As they did recently somewhere in Wisconsin.

I had just come from House on the Rock near a town called Green Field (a fitting name, I suppose) and was heading for points west. The exact location of my destination isn’t really important, but I will say that my preset stations weren’t doing me any good. And then the country takeover of my radio set in.

And so, after going up and down the dial looking for something I could listen to, I heard just a few bars of AC/DC’s “Rock and Roll ain’t Noise Pollution,” as follows:

Heavy decibels are playin’ on my guitar/ We got vibrations coming up from the floor

Well, just listenin’ to the rock is givin’ too much noise/ Are you deaf? You want to hear some more 

And that was all. It faded out and I wasn’t able to hear anything else. At the drop of a hat, I was back to sorting through country stations again, which I did for another ten minutes before turning the radio off in defeat.

Those few bars of rock, in a sea of other music I couldn’t listen to, were like giving a few drops of water to a man lost in the desert. My favorite album ever, my favorite song on the album, and the introductory words that set the philosophical stage for the entire genre itself. Yes, rock and roll will never die–as the song itself says later on–but has morphed recently into things I don’t fully recognize. But at least they still play AC/DC on the radio once in awhile, and I’m good with that.

I want my remains cremated and scattered around the earth when I die, but if I were to have a tombstone, I want it to be engraved with AC/DC’s words of wisdom, and the title to the track that “Johnny” is playing here. Enjoy it, indeed.

It’s just-a rock and roll, yeah

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