Bye now!

I’m of two minds as I begin to write this post. On the one hand, I’m disappointed that I’m devoting even a moment of my time (and possibly yours) to the woman pictured above. She’s as narcissistic as they come, and I’ll put her name in the tags for search engine purposes, but I’ll not speak her name here. I think of her as Lady Voldemort. I wrote an earlier post with this person in mind, but refused to use her name there, too. You know who it is.

On the other hand, I’m thrilled to be writing this. The word schadenfreude fits so well in this situation. She’s freaked out because the years on the gravy train seem to have come to an end. No longer is anyone willing to pay her to simply be whatever she is, with the expectation that a considerable number of Americans lead lives that are so devoid of any value that gazing into her world for a few minutes is a worthwhile endeavor.

The three or four minutes that I spent watching one episode of this show a number of years ago was enough to convince me that this person had no redeeming qualities. It was basically a “I’m doing this for my children so they can have a better life, blah, blah, blah.” But self-aggrandizement was the only motivation that I saw. All of us who are parents want the best for our kids. Having to say those words out loud–to television cameras that you constructed your life around–is the first sign that the words aren’t sincere.

And so now this woman needs to do something to make money for her children. She has a lot of them, after all. And now that the hired nanny and the bodyguard (explain why she needed that, if you dare) and all of the trappings of celebrity are going away, it won’t be as easy as she’s been used to having it. I’m sure there will be a book with this woman’s name on it in the not-so-distant future, although it will be of the “as told to” variety. Some publisher will roll the dice this way. But beyond that, I’m not sure what the prospects for her are. Not that I’ll lose any sleep over it, of course.

And to any TV honchos who might be reading this, please don’t give her another show. I know it will be tempting, since at least a few people will probably tune in, and the announcement that there will be more of her and her brood on the airwaves will gain a lot of publicity for a day or so. That will be hard to pass up.

But she’s already received so much more than she deserves, so it’s best to just let them all fade away. Her ex-husband has already faded out, and he’s probably thrilled about that. Her children have been scarred enough by having cameras in their lives so much from the beginning. But she’s the real time bomb. Run toward it at your own peril.

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