A bit of Tumblr in the real world

I haven’t used Tumblr too much, but it seems to have lots of possibilities. Not every place on the web allows you to share things to it with a click (are you listening, WordPress?), but going to your own dashboard and adding a link, or a picture, or anything else you want isn’t too difficult. It appears to have more possibilities than Twitter, though it will probably never be as ubiquitous. If you’re on it already, feel free to give me a follow here. And if you’re not on it, don’t you need one more social media account to keep up with?

My favorite thing about Tumblr, though, is the healthy number of “FY” accounts that it offers. For the uninitiated, the Y stands for yeah, and the F you can figure out for yourself. Type in just about anything you can think of with “FY” in front of it, and something will probably come up. FYBaseball is here. FYChicago is here. FYRocknroll is here. Feel free to experiment at your leisure. And yes, some of the other things you can think of are probably on there as well.

As I was driving out to my office in the suburbs earlier this week, I saw the billboard above off in the distance. Not only does the P look like an F at first glance, but since I knew about the “FY” accounts on Tumblr, my mind first thought that’s what the billboard actually said. I’m certain that whoever paid for the billboard to go up on the well-traveled, and therefore rather pricey, stretch of highway near O’Hare Airport knew what they were doing.

It’s not easy, or particularly smart, to be taking a picture of something when you’re traveling at 70 miles an hour. But this made me laugh, and since you may or may not be coming to Chicago in the near future, consider this a bit of virtual tourism on your part. You’re welcome.

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