Wow. Just Wow.

If you ever needed proof of the magic of baseball, you got it tonight. “Thrilling” doesn’t even begin to describe these games. Tampa came all the way back tonight, and all the way back in the last month of the season, and now they get to keep playing games into at least next week. Boston let it get away from them–and the Braves did too, in the National League–and now both teams have an entire offseason to think about what happened to them.

Closers gotta close. Period. And Papelbon was on the verge, but he couldn’t get it done. The Red Sox fans then had to pull for the Yankees–the Yankees–to come through for them. And it didn’t happen. A better script could not have been written, unless you’re a Red Sox fan.

I wrote a piece today about the Red Sox and their fans, and I meant it when I said I feel bad for them for the heartbreak they’ve had in the past. And tonight must hurt like hell for them. My team played a meaningless game that I had no interest in, and their team was one out away from moving on to the postseason and saw it fall apart at the end. Still, I would trade places with them in a heartbeat, if it meant having two World Series titles in the last decade. They don’t want to hear this, though, so I’ll just leave it at that.

It’s going to be hard for the postseason games to top this night, but I’m willing to see if they can do it. I’ve always had great faith in baseball, and on nights like this, that faith is rewarded.

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