Process of elimination

On the last night of the regular season, which seems like much longer than eight days ago, we were treated to a sensational night of memorable moments. Perhaps I’m being greedy, but the next thirty-six hours could give us even more moments like this, because three teams will see their seasons end, one way or another. It should be fascinating to watch.

It starts tonight, when the Yankees try to finish off the Tigers  and earn a spot in the ALCS against the Rangers. Whether they win or lose tonight, they have Curtis Ganderson to thank for being able to play the game in the first place. The catches he made in Detroit should inspire kids everywhere to want to save the game with their glove, rather than win it with their bat. The walk-off homer is nice (ask Evan Longoria about that), but making a play that saves runs can have just as much impact on the game’s outcome. Perhaps such a play will be made tonight.

Tomorrow night will feature a tasty 1-2 punch of DBacks at Brewers, followed by the Cardinals in Philadelphia. Both games probably won’t end within minutes of each other, as happened in the AL games last week, but the teams in the second game will probably find out which team they’ll have to face before they take the field tomorrow night.

My interest in these games is high, since last week’s game set the table–so to speak–for the postseason. Will Pujols have a chance to play in St. Louis again? Will tomorrow be Prince Fielder’s last game in Milwaukee? Will the games be blowouts, or will Mariano Rivera and the other closers be needed to finish out the games? I suppose we’ll know soon enough. But I already know that you can’t beat October baseball.

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