We’ll have to get along without the Yankees

It’s probably a very disappointed crowd of people making their way home from Yankee Stadium. I can’t say I relate to their frustration, though. Yes, the window to win still another championship with Jeter and Rivera just closed for the year. And yes, A-Rod isn’t the man you want at the plate with the game on the line. But playoff shares are chump change for guys like him anyway. He’ll see you again next year.

I mentioned in an earlier post that the networks probably wanted to have the Yankees and Red Sox meet up again for the pennant this year, because they’re so accustomed to it that nothing else seems right. And as of nine days ago, that scenario could have come to pass.

After the Red Sox flamed out in Baltimore, the playoffs still had the Yankees to drive up the network’s ratings, and to create columns in the newspapers and online. It’s a Yankees world, and the rest of us just have to live in it, right?

But it was not to be this year. The Detroit and Texas markets combined aren’t equal to New York’s,and there isn’t too much relief ahead on the National League side, either. Philadelphia is the biggest remaining market of all playoff teams, but they certainly can’t bring the kind of ratings that the Yankees would.

Anything less than winning the World Series is a disappointment to Yankees fans, but I will suggest that it will get better for them in the weeks and months ahead. I’m a Cubs fan, and I know what this feeling is like. Wait ’til next year!

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