Mini BlueBattingHelmets available!

I went to a church rummage sale this weekend and was able to procure a few mini blue Cubs helmets. Since I have one already, I wanted to share my good fortune with those who read this blog. Here’s what I’ll do:

If you leave a comment below with the name of your favorite ballplayer, Cubs or otherwise, I’ll go through the archives here and see if I have anything for that player. If I do, and if I have a good story to tell about the player, I’ll put it up here, and send you the card and one of the helmets. The approximate value is a fraction of a cent, so you won’t have to pay taxes on it or anything.

The supply is very limited (three, to be exact) so I’ll do what I can until they run out. And if you don’t get one, fear not. Better things than this will probably come your way in life.

Thanks for reading, as always. More expansive posts will follow soon. Content creation in this space is only limited by the time available to write these posts. The well of ideas will never run dry here.

2 thoughts on “Mini BlueBattingHelmets available!

  1. I used to love these helmets. Unfortunately, I am not a pack rat and have discarded most things.

    Favorite Player – Ryne Sandberg

    1. Hopefully he’ll be on board as the manager soon!

      There’s lots of Sandberg’s to choose from. Let me find one and get to work on a story.

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