I can hear their sighs of relief

The St. Louis economy received a significant jolt tonight. The Rangers’ win in Game four means that there will be a Game six next week, and so parking revenue, concession sales, sales tax from ticket prices, hotel bookings, bar receipts, and a whole bunch of other monies will be changing hands in St. Louis next week. And whatever the numbers turn out to be, it won’t be an insignificant amount.

If you have tickets for Game Six, you can exhale now. One more chance to see Albert play at home? The chance to tell all your friends and relatives that you were there when the Cardinals won? Something like that doesn’t come around too often, and those who can afford to pay it will shell out whatever it takes to be there. Just keep in mind it’s $314 and up for standing room on Stubhub at the moment.

But we won’t know about Game seven until the conclusion of Game six on Wednesday night. It will certainly be a wild 24 hours in St. Louis if the series goes to seven games. It looks like that will happen, because this is an evenly-matched pair of teams, but the only way to get through the postseason as a fan is to be ready for whatever comes along. I’m looking forward to it already.

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