Advantage, Rangers (maybe)

I haven’t missed writing a wrap-up during the Series, and I’m not starting now. Texas had to win tonight if they were going to take the title, and they did it. But stealing a game in St. Louis is not a given on their part. They can probably smell it now, but they can’t taste it just yet.

The Cardinals are playing elimination games from here on out, but they’ve probably been under elimination threat since August. They aren’t going to back down now, not with the series going back to St. Louis for the final battle. The Cardinals didn’t get to celebrate the wild card berth at home, nor did they win the NLDS or NLCS at home either. Celebrating at home, with the fans going wild in the stands, is something the Cardinals will certainly want to do. They just need to win two in a row to do it. And I think lots of people have learned the hard way not to count the Cardinals out this season.

This has been an awesome postseason, and one of the better World Series that I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame that it has to end this week, but it’ll be enough to carry us through until next spring, once the final out is recorded and the offseason begins.

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