From the Red Sox to the Red Ivy

The Theo Epstein signing is official, and the press conference to announce it will be held at Wrigley Field tomorrow. The Red Sox have indeed let the only winners they’ve ever had go, just as I dared them to do. So now we have our guy, and he’s getting his guys into place, and the quest for RIO (Red Ivy in October) can begin. We need a name for this, so I’m calling it #Theo4RIO. Look for the hashtag on Twitter shortly.

The ivy on the Wrigley Field outfield wall turned red back in 2003, which I (and most Cubs fans) had never seen before. I’m sure it turns red every year, but the Cubs usually don’t play deep enough into the fall to let the fans see it. I don’t know if it’s red now (I will try to confirm in the next few days, if the news reports don’t beat me to it), but if we see the red ivy again, it will mean Theo’s doing his job.

His name is Theo and he dances on the sand…..

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