Quade out, and Sandberg too

It was an interesting day on the Cubs front. Who didn’t see Quade being fired, as soon as the news about Jim Hendry’s ouster was announced? The Quade hiring shows how much Hendry was in over his head.  But at least it’s been corrected now. Farewell, QBall.

The list of qualifications for the new manager, taken from Theo Epstein’s statement today, apparently knocks Ryne Sandberg out as the next manager, since “Major league coaching or managing experience” is a requirement. That’s fair enough, I suppose, but Sandberg must feel like a recent college graduate at this point. You need experience to get hired, but how do you get that if nobody will give you a shot? It seems like St. Louis might do just that, though. That would be a hard sight to see. It makes me shudder to think about it, actually.

Theo’s got his old band back together in Chicago, sort of, and now they need to make a better choice for manager than Hendry did. Tony LaRussa is apparently out, but maybe Bob Brenly has a chance. That’s an intriguing thought. There’s more to come, I’m sure.

2 thoughts on “Quade out, and Sandberg too

  1. I think they should give Sandberg a shot. You can win a lot of fans with that move, and possibly lose fans if he ends up in St. Louis. They have to at least make an effort to save face on skipping over him before, and not being able to keep him in your organization.

    Then again, who am I kidding. Cubs management littlest worry is losing fans. Cubs fans are the most loyal out there.

    1. He’ll get a managing job somewhere in the National League, and soon. I can’t see him in the AL, though. He never played there, after all.

      The thought of LaRussa going to the White Sox is an intriguing one, too.

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