Hanging 70

I’m taking a break from baseball today because, well, it is the offseason and college football is trying to fill the gap. Nebraska last played against my Northwestern Wildcats in the 2000 Alamo Bowl. I was excited for the matchup, but Nebraska just put it to the Wildcats in every conceivable way, and the final score was 66-17. Not exactly compelling television.

Nebraska has always been something of a bully in college football. I think I’ve only ever heard the term “hang 70” when it comes to Nebraska beating up on other teams that were not up to the task of playing at their level. It’s not easy to score that many points in a football game, and there’s always the urge to step off the gas and keep the score at a reasonable level (scoring 45 or 50 points is usually more than enough to win). So to score 70 you need the ability to repeatedly score touchdowns, and the indifference about how it looks to score so many more points than you really need.

UPDATE: Neither team hung 70 on anybody, but the Wildcats pulled off the upset and may have kept themselves alive for bowl consideration. There are three games left, and they’re all at home. Go Cats!

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