Inter-league, all the time

Now that the Houston Astros have been sold and moved to the American League, we’re going to have to get used to an interleague series happening all the time. With 15 teams in both leagues, there’s no other way to do it. Every team is going to have to pair up with a team in the other league, in order to have a full slate of games on any given day.

This seems like more of a logistical challenge for scheduling purposes, but if MLB is throwing $35 million at the Astros’ new owner to make it happen, they must know what they’re doing. Few of the interleague matchups are very meaningful for me as a Cubs fan (the White Sox, of course, and perhaps the Yankees, but all of the others I can’t get too excited about), but a series with the A’s, while every other team is playing games against a league opponent, wouldn’t be such a terrible thing. Life is all about change, after all.

The Houston Colt .45s were an expansion team in the National League in 1962, then they changed their name to the Astros when they moved into the Astrodome in 1965. They joined the National League West when divisional play started in 1969, and then moved over to the National League Central in 1994. They moved out of the Astrodome and into Enron Field in 2000, which then became Minute Maid Park in 2002.

But Houston’s uniforms of the 1970s and 1980s have also changed, as I suppose they had to. But the orange and yellow color scheme was so visually striking that I had to post a few examples here. Whatever the new, American League Astros will look like next year, they won’t be nearly as funky as Cabell, Puhl and Andujar were back in the day.

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