Mets from A to Z

One of the things that keeps me connected to baseball is collecting baseball cards. It started for me in the mid 1970s, went into hiatus in the early to mid 1980s, and laid dormant until the summer of 2001. A distribution of Topps cards reprints at a couple of games I went to at Wrigley Field that summer brought back old memories, and I began picking up a few cards here and there on Ebay and at flea markets over the next decade or so.

My team has always been the Chicago Cubs, but as a byproduct of acquiring Cubs cards over the years, I have stacks of cards from all of the other teams in the majors, as well. The tallest stack has usually been the New York Mets, and in my limited attempts at online trading, I haven’t found a Mets fan who wants to send me a pile of Cubs cards, in return for the Mets cards I have. So I wanted to sort through them and see what turned up.

I found that I was nearly able to find one player for each letter of the alphabet (the only exceptions being the letters I, Q, and X). I wanted to have some fun with this, and offer something for any Mets fans and/or card collectors who might read this, so here’s my plan:

For each letter of the alphabet (except for the three above), I selected ONE card for a Mets player with a last name beginning with that letter. If you want to send me a list of who those 23 players might be, and you get more letters right than anyone else who sends me a guess, I’ll send you the whole stack (that is, after I scan one or two and tell a story about them). Send your guesses  to me at before the end of the year, and I’ll announce the winner early in 2012. If you send me multiples from the same email address, I’m only going to look at the first one. So make it count the first time.

A couple of things to add here:

The oldest of the cards dates from 1981, and the most recent one dates from 2011. So it’s a span of three decades we’re talking about.

Just a last name is fine for each letter, but for the letter “H” I will need to get a first initial, too.

Some of the cards are for star players, but by no means is every one a star player.

In the extremely unlikely event of a tie, whoever gets the nearest letter to the front of the alphabet correct will win. In the event of a tie after that, the winner with the longest email address will win.

And if you’re a Mets fan who wants to send some Cubs cards my way, I’ll be happy to send the non-contest cards your way in a trade. Or if there’s another team you want instead, let me know what it is and we can work something out. But please know that the “book value” for these things is meaningless to me. These are little rectangles with pictures and words on them, and nothing more.

Thanks, and happy Mets-guessing!

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