We Got More Wood!

Ever since Kerry Wood burst onto the scene at Wrigley Field, over a decade ago, there have been t-shirts that proclaim “We Got Wood!” It’s a double entendre of the highest order, of course, but it’s an inside joke among Cub fans, as well. Without Kerry Wood, the shirt feels needlessly juvenile. With Kerry Wood, it’s both juvenile and supportive of the Cubs, which is a pretty good combination to have.

Last year, after signing a one-year contract to return to Wrigley Field, Kerry Wood wasn’t the same pitcher that he was back then. He’s gone from a starter to a closer and now to a set up man, and his 3-5 record and 0.5 WAR suggest that it didn’t go as well as he–or us Cubs fans–wanted it to. And he’s coming back for the 2012 season, as announced with much fanfare at this year’s Cubs Convention.

Since the Cubs must have Wood, in some form or fashion, they traded away Sean Marshall (one of the best set-up men in the game) to the Reds in return for Travis Wood. He’s a starter–which the Cubs need very badly–and he’s not eligible for free agency for five more years.

Whether this new infusion of Wood will fuel the Cubs’ playoff hopes (I couldn’t resist–sorry), or help to kindle their revival (sorry!) or even fire up the team (OK, now this is getting ridiculous) still remains to be seen. But at least this much is clear:

We Got More Wood!

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