Quarterly Report #2


As with the previous three months of this year, I am putting down some thoughts at the end of the fourth quarter. The drama of the fourth quarter typically makes it the most exciting part of a football game and, even though baseball is my primary milieu for this blog, the same can be said of the past three months here at BlueBattingHelmet.

The fourth quarter of 2011  gave us all a scintillating month of baseball in October, capped off by the most exciting World Series I’ve ever seen, or possibly will ever see in my lifetime. I did my best to keep up by writing 79 posts that month. I remember thinking, in the midst of it, that I couldn’t keep that pace up, and I wrote 47 posts in November, and this is my 48th–but not necessarily final–post of December. That’s a total of 174 posts in a three month period, or just under two posts per day. If my goal was to create some content–and it was–then I would say I accomplished this.

Perhaps as a result of the new content, the number of page views for this blog increased every month of this quarter. I included a picture of the graph from WordPress on this subject. The actual numbers don’t matter, and I deliberately left those out of the picture above. Whether each horizontal line stands for ten views or ten million views is beside the point. The point is that growth is happening, and it’s encouraging to see.

There were other good things this quarter, such as joining the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) and submitting two pieces for publication on Baseball Digest‘s website. I was also honored to appear on MLB.com’s list of top fan blogs for October (#12) and November (#9).

The highlight of the quarter for me, though, was writing a piece to commemorate the birth of a child to a friend from college and his wife. I once read somewhere that a child represents a vote for the world to continue. My votes in this regard have already been cast, but I’m happy that someone I know is still going to the polls, so to speak. Such a momentous event deserved more than a “like” on Facebook or a congratulatory Tweet, and this blog gave me a forum to say something truly meaningful. And if I never write another word in this space, that post would be legacy enough for this humble blog.

I want to wish all readers of this blog a Happy Next Year, which is something that Cubs fans like me have been waiting their whole lives for. I’d like nothing better than to share that experience in this space. And my next quarterly report will come right around Opening Day. Hope springs eternal.

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