The more things change….

I was paging through a book today and I came upon this line:

“He told me of the interest of Chicago in Base Ball; how…thousands of lovers of the game at Chicago were wild for a winning team, but couldn’t get one”

This could have been written today, but it was actually written a century ago by Albert G. Spalding (yes, the one that started the sporting goods company that bears his name). Spalding was recalling a conversation he had in 1875 with William A. Hulbert, which led to the foundation of the National League the following year.

Hulbert is buried in Graceland Cemetery on the North side of Chicago, beneath the baseball-shaped tombstone shown above. If Hulbert could come back to Chicago today, he would find a much different city from the one he once knew.  He’d also be pleased to learn that the National League is still alive and well, and that one of its primary outposts is located just a few blocks away from his grave.

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