I think I have the Cubs’ answer

Call me insane, but I think Johnny Damon would be a perfect fit for the Cubs, provided they can move Alfonso Soriano or Marlon Byrd in the coming days or weeks. With Soriano’s hefty contract, Byrd would be the easier one to move, and then David DeJesus or Reed Johnson could play center field, and Damon can play in right.

I know that Damon’s 38 years old, a career American Leaguer, and a Scott Boras client (all potential strikes against him), but the Cubs have nobody on their roster that the young kids can look to as a World Series winner (Soriano’s played in it twice, and lost both times).

Damon could probably still play the outfield, since he’s only had two seasons of DH-ing in the AL. Bobby Abreu is the only active player with more games played in the outfield, and I don’t think a pro like Damon would just forget how it’s done.

He’s not the same “What would Johnny Damon do?” player that he was with the Red Sox, but Theo knows what he can do, both on the field and in the clubhouse. He’s also closing in on 3,000 hits for his career, and a successful season this year would put him on the verge of baseball immortality. And if that happens, I can see him becoming  a Wrigleyville hero. Truth be told, I can see that happening before he ever sets foot into Wrigley Field.

What say you?

3 thoughts on “I think I have the Cubs’ answer

    1. Thanks for reading, as always. I don’t recall that, but I’ll look into it.

      I suppose I’m trying to get excited about actually picking a player up, because all of the excitement so far has come from sending players away (Zambrano, perhaps Soriano).

      The players that Theo’s brought in (and there are lots of them) aren’t well-known enough to create any excitement in a general sense. A “splash” like Pujols or Jimmy Rollins would be nice. And above all else, a winner and a veteran that can replace Soriano, whether the Cubs move him or not.

      Damon’s motivated, I think, to get to 3,000 hits. He won’t do it this year, but if he gets 125-150 hits this year and another 100 or so in 2013 (when he’ll be 40) he can do it. I’d like to see the Cubs harness that.

      Thanks again for reading.

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