The new Borders?

image There was a Borders store not too far from where I live in Chicago. I won’t say that I went there a lot, but I liked the fact that it was there. And now it’s gone, and I miss it.

I took this picture when I was in a Dollar store the other day. It just looked strange to see so many books piled up on top of each other, waiting for someone–anyone–to take the books off their hands.

I’m not suggesting that there’s a causal connection between Borders closing down and big stacks of books in the Dollar store. But the people who go into a bookstore are probably prepared to spend more than a dollar to buy a book. And when new, hardcover books can be had for a dollar, it puts downward pressure on the price of books everywhere.

E-readers are probably going to do to traditional publishers what digital cameras have done to Kodak, and what the internet has done to newspapers. Books won’t ever go away, but stacks of books in a dollar store can’t be a sign of good times ahead for publishers and all of the people in the industry, either.

2 thoughts on “The new Borders?

  1. I wouldn’t consign publishers to oblivion. The romance novel industry (and their publishers) for example, are seeing their biggest profit years ever. Many other publishers are taking advantage of the increasing shift towards digital to increase their reader’s exposure to books.

    To pick an easy example, digital galleys nowadays cost nearly nothing when before, they’d have cost upward of twenty dollars per print copy. And as a book reviewer, I can appreciate how simple and easy it is to receive a review copy from a publishing house.

    1. Thanks for reading.

      I work in publishing, so I don’t want them to go away, either. I use to read books digitally, and it feels like an extension of the reading that I do when I’m online.In that sense, I’m all for it. I remember the amount of paper that once got used up for page proofs, and reducing that can only be good. But it is a brave new world out there.

      Hope you’ll come back again sometime.

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