The Love Curd

Cheese curds are something that may be available outside of Wisconsin, but once you cross into the state, they seem to be everywhere. And buying a bag of cheese to munch on just seems like the thing to do.

And so it was when I went to a Culver’s Restaurant in Wisconsin for lunch last weekend. Culver’s is one of my favorite places to eat when I’m away from home, and those who have eaten in one before know what I mean. How can you go wrong with a name like “Butterburger” on the menu?

When you order a “value basket” at Culvers, you get a fountain drink and a side order of something like french fries or a salad. You can also upgrade to an order of fried cheese curds, and I did that. If you thought cheese curds were good all by themselves, just try breading and frying them.

As I was eating my lunch and enjoying the company, I came upon a heart-shaped cheese curd. With Valentine’s day coming up, I photographed the curd and posted it to the Culver’s Facebook wall.  They liked it right away, so someone is keeping up with their social media quite well. They also offered to send me a token of their appreciation for sharing the Love Curd (as we started calling it) with the world. Again, a gesture that I can appreciate.

I hope that your Valentine’s day will be filled with love and other good things, whether they are fried or otherwise prepared.

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