I couldn’t do it


Pete LaCock  played in the majors for nine seasons, splitting his time between the Chicago Cubs and the Kansas City Royals. And in those nine seasons, he stepped to the plate just under 2,000 times. That means that all of baseball’s public address announcers, in both leagues, had to say his name out loud, and have it amplified so that thousands of people could hear it at the same time.

I got this card in a trade today, and I’ll write more about the trade itself in another post, but for now I wanted to write something about the experiment I tried upon receiving this card. I was out walking the dog, and I made a number of attempts at “announcing” Pete LaCock out loud, so that only my dog could hear it. And each time it sounded like this: “Now batting (chuckle, pause to try to gather my thoughts) Pete (chuckle) LaCock! (snort)”

Yes, I know that’s juvenile. I wasn’t happy to be walking along the sidewalk, saying the name again and again. My inner Beavis and Butthead won out each time I tried this. I hope that none of the professional announcers were ever as immature about it as I was. But it seems like an interesting name to go through life with. There were probably lots of giggles whenever his name was spoken out loud. And the double-entendre possibilities could go on for quite some time. I have resisted these until now, but I have to do one before I end this post.

The guy pictured above walks into a bar and orders a drink. The regular patrons don’t know who he is, so they ask him  to identify himself. The guy takes a swig of his beer and then calls out “I’m Pete LaCock, suckers!”

I could do a bunch of these, probably, but I’ll just call it a night instead. Thanks for reading.

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