Bring on the tournament

The college basketball season isn’t over yet, but another couple of weeks should bring the end of the regular season, and then will come the conference tournaments, followed by that wonderful four-day orgy of college hoops, when everyone has their brackets at the ready, and tries to keep up with their picks as it all plays out on television. We aren’t there yet, but it’s coming soon enough.

The end of that weekend means that the games will continue on, but the second weekend isn’t the same as the first. There’s still four straight days of college hoops, but there isn’t the wall-to-wall basketball feeling that there is on the first weekend.

And then comes the week-long buildup to the Final Four and then the college championship game. The NCAA gets it right with the tournament: it raises public interest, makes  a lot of money, and actually does what the BCS does not do by allowing all teams the chance to settle things on the court.

And the best part of this process has nothing to do with basketball. When it’s all over on April 2, and one team has cut down the nets in New Orleans and has been crowned as the new national champion, the baseball season will be just about to get underway. And then sports can really start to mean something again.

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