The Linsanity of it all

It appears that the NBA, Jeremy Lin, and several other parties are trying to claim the word “Linsanity” as their own private trademark.  It’s a question of whether the rights to this term should belong to the Lindividual, or to the Linstitution that employs him. And it would be Lincorrect to assume that this is a Linconsequential issue.

The Linability of a person or corporation to generate Lincome from a play on words would be a grave Linjustice. It would be highly Linappropriate to deny a player the right to profit from such a Lincomparable outpouring of Linterest in one player.

This Linadequacy of the court system to protect this player’s rights is most Linexcusable. Hopefully, all sides can come to an agreement that provides proper financial Lincentives,  and prevents any Lindecent use of the name of such a Linternationally known figure.

More Linformation will be passed along, just as soon as it is received in this Linsignificant corner of the Linternet.

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