Where the traffic comes from

After checking my Gmail and Facebook accounts when I get online, this blog is usually the third thing that I look at. A guy from Jersey Shore, which I’ve never watched, has something that he calls GTL–gym, tan, laundry. Mine is a different type of progression altogether: GFB–Gmail, Facebook, blog. Not nearly as much fun, but that’s how I do it.

The page view statistics for this site aren’t very interesting, but I wanted to do a little bit of interpolation from them, anyway. And in the process of doing so, I learned something that I didn’t really want to know, but I’m glad I learned, anyway. And those are sometimes the best bits of insight to have.

These numbers are a couple of days old, but the basic premise still holds true, which is that Google–and Google Images in particular–rules the roost when it comes to driving traffic to this corner of the Internet. Consider the following:

  • Of the XX,XXX number of total page views I’ve received over the 9 months or so I’ve been doing this (and, as I said, the real numbers don’t matter), fully 70% of them have come from the “Search Engines” category. For every page view that comes from Facebook, Twitter, and other people’s blogrolls and blog comments, there are two that come from internet searches. Fair enough.
  • Of those search engines, fully 89% of them are from Google Images, and another 7% are from Google itself. Doing some quick math, that means that Yahoo!, Bing, and the others who compete with Google account for just 4% of that pie. That’s enough to survive, but only as a faint image on a screen that’s presently dominated by Google.

So what this means, from a quantitative perspective, is that if you’re reading this post, you probably did a Google images search for one of the many things I’ve written about. And if you wound up here without doing a Google images search, you’ve clearly beat the odds. Finish reading this and then go find a card game as soon as possible. And you can share your winnings with me at a later time.

Thanks for reading!

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