Signs of Spring

Yesterday I listened to a Cubs game on the radio. A spring training game, but still enough to get me thinking about the impending season. I don’t know (and don’t much care) if the Cubs won the game or not, but just knowing that the season is in the pipeline, so to speak, is enough.

And I bought some tickets to an actual game last Friday. The day that the single-game tickets go on sale at Wrigley Field is an annual ritual, which brings the baseball season that much closer to being a reality. There’s only one game that I have for now (on September 21st against the Cardinals), but it’s enough for me. Others may follow in the months ahead.

And, finally, warm weather and sunshine are here this weekend. It now feels like baseball weather. There’s probably one last surprise snowstorm on the way, but Winter now appears to be in retreat.

These next three weeks will be difficult, but they’ll go by and then all will be right with the world.

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