This is different from books

In the time that I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve put thousands and thousands of words together into hundreds of little word morsels. And they haven’t been–and won’t ever be–published into traditional book form, which is something I take as a good thing.

As I see it, the moment that ink meets paper is when words and ideas are forever preserved in amber. The words are immortalized on paper, yes, but they also are all that they will ever be. But something written and stored online can be revised at any time, and for any reason.

It’s rare that I don’t re-read something I’ve written and find a typo, or a word that was left out, or a thought that I didn’t flesh out as well as I wanted to. With a traditional book, those things usually get caught in the editing stages, so that when the book is assembled, the book is already at the most advanced stage possible. But once it’s published, you don’t get another bite at the apple, so to speak. The work is what it is, and thus shall it ever remain, unless your name is George Lucas.

Like many other things I’ve written, this post might one day need to be refined in some way. Since it only exists on the internet, and not in the real world, it’s no problem to go in, make some changes, and get back out. And you, my dear reader, won’t ever know (or care about) the differences.

So is this way any better than putting thoughts down into a traditional book form? That’s up to every person to answer for him or herself. But from a writing perspective, the posts that I’ve created online can live and grow like a tree, instead of gathering dust on a shelf, like the paper that they once might have been printed on. I’ll just call it a difference and leave it at that. For now, anyway.

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