Working on my serve

I love to make analogies. The first time I remember doing it was in college, where I likened some philosophical debate to a game of tennis. The professor wrote a note in the margin of my paper, saying how my analogy made the issue seem more concrete. After that, I was off and running with the idea. I went back to tennis a few more times, but I used other everyday things as well, like waiting in a line at the grocery store and not being able to find a pen in order to jot down an idea.

Rather than allowing my brain to remain for too long in its natural, undisturbed state, I sometimes try–as I’m doing now– to find something worthwhile inside.  I then extract it, comment on it a little bit, add a few tags, and then send it out to the wider world. But once that’s finished, and I hit the “Publish” icon to put my thoughts onto the Internet,  I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I’ve created new content, and as long as the Internet exists, there will always be a need for new content. Whether or not anybody reads it is besides the point.

Writing this post–and all the others that I’ve created– feels somewhat like working on my serve. The more I practice, when nobody’s actually there to return the ball, the better I’ll become, and the closer I’ll be to giving someone else a good game sometime. To improve my writing, I’ll just keep on pounding that serve, over and over again. It feels as though it’s paying off, already.

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