They won’t look like this for long

I have a magnolia tree in my backyard, and this year’s exceedingly warm weather in March brought out the flowering blooms at least a month ahead of schedule. Since I wasn’t writing this blog yet when last year’s blooms came out, this is my first chance to reflect on them here.

A magnolia petal is a color unlike any other that I’ve ever seen. It’s a pinkish/purplish series of streaks, as shown in the picture above. And when they fall from the tree, it can seem like snow because there’s so many of them, but with a nice bit of color added in.

I have a brick patio in my backyard, so I get the pleasure–at least I tell myself that’s what it is–of sweeping up and disposing of the petals. If it isn’t done soon after they fall from the tree, they turn brown and ugly, like thousands of little bacon strips without any bacon smell or taste. They can go from quite beautiful to really ugly in just a few days.

Such is nature; such is life. Enjoy what you can, because it will all change into something else soon enough.

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