April is here at last

It’s finally April, at least on the calendar. It feels like April was here a few weeks ago, or maybe like April never came at all this year.

But no amount of warm weather could bring the baseball season any earlier. Spring training is an annual ritual, which must be carried through to its completion. But the end is finally in sight.

Next weekend will find us all at the start of a new season. There will be surprises and storylines aplenty, and every day will bring new opporunities for history to be made.

Last night, as the Final Four was unfolding on television, I started to talk about baseball. I put forth my theory that unlike basketball and football, baseball is an everyday sport. You couldn’t have another sports league survive with the business model that baseball has. Injuries would destroy the players’ pool, but public apathy would set in pretty quick, too.

When a player has a great game, or a lousy one, they don’t have a chance to linger on it for too long. There’s another chance the next day. That’s the best I can do to explain the appeal of this game for me.

I sometimes see people wearing “Baseball is life” t-shirts. I don’t entirely believe in this sentiment, but I’m happy to point out the similarities between them from time to time.

Happy baseball season to one and all.

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