Coke is it!

A week ago I sold my limited number of shares in Coca-Cola, as a silent protest over their involvement with ALEC. Coca-Cola dropped out of ALEC earlier this week, and I feel vindicated on that front.

I still haven’t reinvested the money yet, since I haven’t had the time to investigate other options. But Coke is riding high at the moment, and I’d be paying a premium if I sank the money right back into Coke stock. But I feel good about what I did, regardless of what happens with any new investments.

If ALEC is going to exist, as it has the right to do, the rest of us should know who funds them and decide whether their actions are in line with our priorities. That’s a lesson I’ve learned moving forward from this. Apparently others have learned this, too. So perhaps some good will come from Trayvon Martin’s death, after all.

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