Thank you, Gabon!

(Photo from

To pick up on a theme that I wrote about here, today this website recorded its first visitor from the African republic of Gabon. As with every other visitor, in every other country (it’s currently at 119 nations and counting), I don’t have any way of knowing who it was, or how they found their way to the site, or what (if anything) they got from reading it. And that isn’t really the point of this, anyway.

My point in writing this is, and always will be, my desire to leave something of myself behind in the digital world. I like to think that my grandkids’ children could stumble upon this one day, read it, and tell themselves “So that’s what it was like back then.” I’m sure that stranger things than that have happened.

So thanks for finding this, my Gabonese reader, and those from any other nation that may happen upon this somehow. I hope that you, too, have found a way to leave a legacy behind for others to find someday. After all, this world will keep on turning, long after you and I are gone.

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