Ted Nugent and the American Way

I really don’t want to spend time on Ted Nugent. What he said to the NRA convention in St. Louis, as disturbing as it sounds, is still within his right as an American. But his contempt for the system of government that we have in this country is another matter, altogether. To put it plainly, he doesn’t get it.

What Nugent said, to a room full of people who don’t much care for President Obama, is that “We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November.” I’m assuming that Ted and his band of self-annointed warriors are the “We” in his sentence, but who is the “they”? Whose heads need to be chopped off? And what is it that warrants the head-chopping? Is viewing the world differently from Ted Nugent a head-chopping offense? I respectfully submit that if that’s really how it is in Mr. Nugent’s world, he needs to get a grip on what this country is.

We the people elected Barack Obama as the president back in 2008. And a few months from now, w’ll get a chance to do it again. Or we will decide to put somebody else in, instead. And whoever wins gets to be the president for four years. Mr. Nugent may not like that, but the best part is that he doesn’t have to put up with it. Lots of other countries around the world settle these matters by force of arms. He has every right to go live there, if that’s the life he wants to have for himself.

But the worst part, the get-the-attention-of-the-Secret-Service part, is the part where he promised that he will be either “dead or in jail” if President Obama is re-elected. And why is that? Does he have any plans for what happens in that event? I’m willing to chalk that up to being provocative in order to collect a speaker’s fee, but others might not be so charitable.

Once his countrymen speak at the ballot box, Mr. Nugent has two clear choices: He can either get over it–regardless of what the outcome is–or he can go live, as I suggested, in a place where violence carries the day. I vote for the latter (that means the second one), but the choice is his to make.

After the Secret Service closed their file, the news media–especially those who are sympathetic to the NRA/Obama-hating world view–will expect us to turn our attention to something else.  But before that happens, let’s understand what he have in this country, and stand for the principle that no one gets to overrule the will of the people, whatever that might be.

2 thoughts on “Ted Nugent and the American Way

  1. So according to you, I have a right to say that all Cubs Fans should be taken out next spring and have their heads chopped off Braveheart style because they have failed my expectations?

    NO, Ted Nugent does NOT have the right to say derogatory statements against the Secretary of State, The Attorney General or the POTUS. Going back to 2008, he has threatened the life of all three.

    It is Americans like you who allow this garbage to be spoken while hiding these destructive words designed to incite violence, behind the 1st amendment, that exacerbate the problem.

    Ted was speaking before the NRA, people who advocate carrying guns to protect their American ideals. He should have been arrested and prosecuted for speaking violence against the POTUS, back in 2008 this should have been done, when his words more more violent.

    Allowing idiots like Ted, and Sen. Grassley (who 2 weeks ago tweeted that POTUS Obama was “stupid”) to continue to speak these things against the Office Of The Presidency, is helping some idiot with an AK-47 to get ideas.

    I spent 8 years under Bush/Cheney, the worst administration in history, so the polls/pundits have told us, and I agree. Not once did I utter a word of violence. Lets treat Ted and others like the Dixie Chicks were treated for speaking the truth about the Bush/Cheney administration.

    As with any racist action, if you are not a part of the solution, you are the problem.

    1. Thanks for reading.

      I agree with you about Bush and Cheney and how horrible they were. And I have no love at all for the gun carrying types who lapped up what Nugent had to say. But America was created because there was once a king who could do whatever he wanted, including throw people in jail if he didn’t like something they said. The Dixie Chicks had their careers ruined, and fortunately they came back from it, but they weren’t put in jail.

      There’s a lot of twisted shit about Obama online, but the jails aren’t big enough for all the people who created this stuff, or agree with its contents. And it’s against what the Constitution says to put them there, too.

      My comments were strictly geared to Nugent’s suggestion that he would somehow take actions if Obama was reelected. He can’t do that, because the will of the people outweighs the opinions of a has-been rock star.

      Go ahead and hate on Obama, I would say to Nugent and the NRA types. It’s their right to do so. But if Obama’s elected by the people, he is legitimately the president. Suck it up and deal with it.And that’s my only point.

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