Vive Paris!

France is, and probably always will be, the top tourist destination on earth. And Paris is the biggest reason why. If you’re reading this, I hope you’ve been there at least once before. If not, I hope that you get there before you die. I would hate to die without having experienced it.

My wife and I were in Paris at this time of year, back in 1996. It was Spring Break for me, and we had not yet had any kids, and so we hopped a flight across the proverbial pond and we went. This is her, looking through a travel guide, somewhere near the Seine. The building behind her is draped in the French tricolour, but as an American, they’re my colors, too.

My contention is that everyone looks better with Paris draped all around them. If you’ve been there before, you already know this. And if you haven’t, there’s one way to find out. Just be sure to send me a note about how much fun you had.

Au Revoir!

2 thoughts on “Vive Paris!

  1. Nice post 🙂 (It’s “Vive Paris” and you can’t say bonjour in the end of your article, it sounds rude :D. Either say Bonne journee for have a good day or au revoir for goodbye)

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