I might be freakin or peakin, but I rock well

The passing of MCA is terribly sad news. The Beastie Boys can’t continue on as they were without him, and I’m sure they know this.

The Beastie Boys directly inspired me to start writing this blog last year. A line from “Too Many Rappers” from their latest release advises listeners that “If you’ve got something on your mind, let it out.” Two days after hearing this, I wrote the first post for this blog, and I’ve written hundreds more since then. So thanks to MCA, not only for the beats, but for the advice as well.

I’m in Cleveland now, and tomorrow will include my first trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It should be a weird scene, since MCA was inducted not even a month ago, and it’s probably safe to say he didn’t get to see his band’s exhibit before he died. I’ll take pictures, and say the rhymes that I know by heart, and try to see if others are there for the same reason. A full report will appear here before too long, but I wanted to get something out before then.

MCA was older than me, but not by very much. Life is indeed short. All the best to the surviving Beasties, and all their fans, like me, who will play a few tunes and remember all of the love that they’ve spread into society.

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