But nothing on jersey night

I’m back after a weekend in Cleveland, which was loaded with family, baseball, and rock n’ roll. In other words, all of my favorite things. I could, and probably will, tell lots of stories about the Rock Hall, but those will wait until I have some time. But for now, a baseball tale will have to do.

Cleveland is in first place in the American League Central at the moment, and they hosted the Texas Rangers over the weekend. The Rangers are the defending American League champions, and they are in first place in the AL West. So it’s too early to call it a playoff preview, but I’ll do that anyway. Three months from now, who knows? But we’re living in the moment for now.

On Friday, Chris Perez came in and got the save for the Indians. Saturday’s game, the one that I went to at Progressive Field, was Chris Perez jersey game. It was entertaining, and it’s hard to complain when you’re as close to the action as I was, as seen in the picture above. We had walkup seats, located two rows from the field. That just wouldn’t happen in Chicago.

The Indians trailed most of the game, tied it in the eighth inning, and lost then on a three -run homer in the 11th inning. One pitch to Adrian Beltre was the difference in the game. But it was still a good game, with lots of defensive gems on the field. There was no sign of Chris Perez, though.

The next day, the final game of the series, the Indians beat the Rangers, and handed Yu Darvish his first loss in the majors. And Chris Perez again came in to get the save. It was as if the baseball gods allowed Perez to get saves, or have his jersey given away to fans at the ballpark, but not both at the same time. That would be too much good fortune, perhaps.

Two saves in a three game series is about the best that any closer can hope for. And the other game in the series was the one where everyone in the stands had his jersey on. Not a bad weekend for Chris Perez, I would say.  Better for his team to have it go that way, instead of getting one save on Saturday–Perez jersey night–and losing the other two games.

The baseball itch has been scratched, for now, and going to another game isn’t on the schedule until mid-September at Wrigley Field. That’s such a long way away, it’s actually going to be during football season. But it will get here, and there will be hopefully be many more Chris Perez saves between now and then.

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