A legend and I

I wish I had more time to flesh this out, but summer vacation starts today and a long stretch of relaxation beckons. And it’s my birthday tomorrow, followed by Father’s Day this weekend. Life is pretty good.

I share my birthday with a few notable people, such as Donald Trump, Steffi Graf, and Che Guevara. But the most interesting one of all is Mike Laga. In September of 1986, he became the only player ever to hit a ball out of the old Busch Stadium in St. Louis. It was a foul ball but that’s still an amazing feat, when you think about it. It deserves folk tales and legendary stories, but a half-assed reference in an insignificant blog will have to do instead. At least it’s better than the pastel jersey that Topps airbrushed onto him for his 1987 baseball card. I hope it is, anyway.

Happy summer to all.

2 thoughts on “A legend and I

  1. I love that everyone knows that story about Mike Laga. And that airbrushed hat is a work of art. Good stuff.

    1. Thanks for reading, Matt. Anything I can do to keep the legend alive is fine with me. It’s a service to baseball, I suppose.

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