Quarterly Report #4

Picture from The Greenville, SC Blog

How quickly the time flies! This report, in keeping with the tradition I established after beginning this blog a year ago, is meant to take stock in what I’ve done, and where I see things heading in the months ahead.

First things first. The blog celebrated its first year in existence last month, and I see no sign of slowing down. I think about writing in this space a lot, and when big things happen in the baseball world, or in the real world, commenting on it here my first instinct. Telling my blog, and anyone who may ever happen upon it, what’s on my mind at such moments–and all moments, if I’m being honest about it–really is therapeutic for me.

With that said, my level of baseball writing in this space has fallen off lately. The horrible Cubs team that we’ve seen for half a season now is undoubtedly one reason, and another is that I’ve found other outlets for my baseball writing. And, to top it off, I have discovered that writing about life experiences wholly unrelated to baseball can be pretty fun, too.

I’m toying with the idea of dropping out of the BBA, so that their tweets of new postings on my blog won’t disappoint someone who wants news on the latest draft results or thinks that baseball can best be understood through stats like BABIP. Any changes in this regard will probably be made over the coming few months.

I also got to do some fun things like present my daughter’s poetry to the world, collaborate (in a sense) with Josh Wilker, who is the best writer I know of on the Internet, and pat myself on the back for making a much-needed lifestyle change. None of these would have been possible a year ago, so I’m happy that I can do all these things now. I recommend having your own blog to everybody I know, even though few will ever take the necessary steps to make it happen.

A story I haven’t written about yet might be instructive for where things are heading. I was in the Old North Church in Boston recently, and I stumbled upon a pew (or maybe it was a box) with a nameplate on it that read “Capt. (my name), 1724.” I told my children they can refer to me as “The Captain,” but they haven’t yet taken me up on this offer.

But the idea of being the captain of this space appeals to me a great deal. I set the course, I determine where this is going, and I achieve a degree of control that I never have had in everyday life. Things might go great, or things might go badly, and it’s all up to some combination of my efforts and things that I have no control over. And I get do what I love doing along the way. It sounds like exactly what I’m looking for.

Whether this new sense of things leads to a redesign of the blog, a renaming so as to set up a concurrent Twitter account (@BlueBattingHelmet is a few characters more than what is presently allowed), or a spin-off of the baseball content from everything else is still to be determined. But everything changes in life, and the old ‘Helmet won’t escape this truism, either.

So as Year Two begins in these parts, I’ll hope that this enterprise continues to be a source of good things for the Captain that runs it.

Avast, ye good readers! Thar’s some good sailing up ahead!

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