A new twist on an old thing

Tonight was the Fourth of July, and last night’s fireworks show was going to be hard to top. I don’t think tonight’s show beat last night’s, really, but there was a novelty involved that’s hard to explain. And I may never watch fireworks the same way again.

As my daughters and I entered the place where the show was to occur, on a high school field about 20 minutes from where we live, we each received a pair of “3-D” glasses. The looked like 3-D glasses used to look about a decade ago, before the ones with plastic frames became the norm (and the ticket prices went higher as a result). These were cardboard glasses frames with refracting lenses, and without the blue and red coloring on the lenses themselves.

The glasses also had a cool kaleidoscope effect, which made every explosion appear like a hundred little rainbows to the eyes. A video of what it looked like is posted above. It doesn’t really do it justice, but it’s probably more useful than anything I can come up with at this late hour. Enjoy.

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