Same stuff, different theme

For the first thirteen months that I wrote something in this space, I used a WordPress theme called MLB Retro. But as baseball began to occupy less and less of my thoughts–or at least the ones that I wanted to write about– a change seemed to be in order. And so here it is.

The new theme is called Ideation and Intent, and it marks a clear departure from what I had been using previously. There are a few text quirks I don’t like (such as an annoying loop underneath the letter “g”), but it’s an improvement, at least in my mind, and that’s the opinion that carries the day around here.

The pictures that accompany each post will be prominently displayed, almost as if this were a photography blog. I like to lead with my writing, and in fact I only do this in order to write as much as I can. But the data I get from WordPress reveals that images, and not text, are the driving force behind people coming to this page. With this new layout, a person can get four or five images at once, rather than the single image which the old theme offered. Call it a bow to the supremacy of image searches.

Text for the newest post appearing here will not be displayed unless someone first clicks on a “Read More” box. A person who performs a images search will see several images on the search results page, and then, if they click on an image that’s on my page, they’ll get to choose whether or not they want to read whatever it is that I once had to say about that subject. If not, they’ll just hit the “Back” button and keep looking for more images. The supposition that words are the most important part of each blog post is being disposed of, at least with this new theme.

Words are everything to me, but good visuals can count for something, too.  If someone wants to read something that I wrote, they’ll have to call for it first. I can live with that arrangement.

Hopefully this new theme will be used at least through the end of this year. All comments about the new look, or about anything else under the sun, are always appreciated.

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