A different reaction this time

At some point last summer, I went to a garage sale on a Friday afternoon and found the helmet that appears on the top right corner of all my posts. I was so happy to find it that I wrote about it, and even named my blog after it. Strange? Yes, I suppose it is. But that’s how this space came into existence. I suppose that the conditions were right for it to happen.

A couple of days ago, I found myself in a resale shop in Chicago (which is just a bigger and more formalized garage sale, really) and I saw another Cubs helmet, identical to the one that started me off down the blogging trail. It cost more than I procured mine for, but it was still quite reasonable. In fact, it looked newer and shinier than the one I have now. But I wasn’t interested in upgrading, either. I took a picture and left it alone, in the hope that someone else might happen along and want to make it their own.

Whatever the conditions were that made me want to start writing about a plastic helmet last year have changed. I’m not sure why that is, but everything in life changes, one way or another. I’m happy that I started this blog, but it felt weird to come upon another version of it and not feel that same way.

I’ll just post a few words about this turn of events here, and show a picture to whoever might care, and move on with the realization that conditions are always changing, and something that sets off a long-running therapy session for me one day did not have the same effect a year or so later. That’s life, isn’t it? And I’m certainly glad to be a part of it.

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