It’s better than Tebowing

I imagine that life is very good for Clint Eastwood. After all, he’s had a very long and successful career, in an industry that all Americans know of and pay attention to. If there’s a version of American royalty, movie stars are certainly it, even more so than musicians or professional athletes. And Hollywood’s A-list includes Clint Eastwood, beyond any doubt.

So it was surreal to watch him converse with an imaginary President Obama at the Republican convention last night. If it was an act, he’s even better than everyone thought. But it felt more like a curtain had been peeled back, and Dirty Harry now seems like a Hazy Darrel.

But in this age of social media and instant reaction, a new fad has sprung up. I didn’t get “owling” or “planking” and I didn’t care for “Tebowing” either. But The act of being next to an empty chair, as though the POTUS occupied it, has given rise to “Eastwooding.” I even took a stab at it myself this afternoon, in the hope of catching a wave before it fizzles out in a day or two.

When your name becomes a verb of some kind, it’s probably not a good thing. And “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” will still be Clint Eastwood’s legacy upon the American landscape. But the performance that he put on last night will make for an amusing and inexplicable sidenote, at least. So of course it deserves a mention here, too.

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