Feels something like summertime

Today is the final day of Summer for my family and I. It doesn’t start on Memorial Day, like most people’s summer does, because my kids are in school until the middle of June. This year, it was almost as though summer began in March, when it hit 90 degrees on the day of the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Chicago. Welcome to the brave new post-glacier world we’re living in.

I had a blast this summer, and there are 100 pieces of it posted in this space for anyone who wants to know why. I took a trip to Cape Cod, a trip to Florida, and to a theme park, and to the race track, and, as always, to places in my life that no longer exist. Summer is the best season of all, and this year was certainly no exception.

So now, as fall returns and the school routine may or may not set in (depending of whether or not there’s a teacher’s strike in Chicago), I’m happy that I recorded some bits and pieces of it along the way. Those parts of the Summer will still continue on, long after its final sunset happens about four hours from now.


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