Whip it good

The Bruce Springsteen show at Wrigley Field is practically upon us, and it feels a bit like Christmas eve did when I was a kid. But Christmas came back again every year, while my next Springsteen show after this one is at an undetermined point in the future, if it even happens at all. I plan to keep that thought in mind as the concert is unfolding.

So what’s with the Devo reference at the top of this post? One of the people I’m going to the concert with is one of the oldest friends I have. I’ve known him since we were in grammar school together in the 1970s. And one thing I remember very clearly is listening to Devo’s signature hit song in the basement of his parents’ house. Crack that whip! Give the past a slip! Step on a break! Break your mama’s back!

We didn’t listen to Springsteen just yet, since the River wasn’t really our cup of tea. I can’t think of anyone I knew who listened to Springsteen back in 1980, but that would all change in a few years. And now, on a date so far in the future that we could scarcely imagine it back then, we’ll get to yell and scream and savor the moment along with 40,000 complete strangers on a historic night in Chicago. It should be a lot of fun.

And yes, I know all about the supposed subtext of the song. I’m choosing to go along with a benign interpretation of the lyrics, but you can do as you want to. Whip it good!

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