Somebody tell me

I was out shopping for a bike helmet the other day, with my nine year-old in tow. After that had been accomplished, there was still some time left on the parking ticket that we had paid for (in any other place it would be a parking meter, but those are now a thing of the past here in Chicago). So I decided to take her across the street to the Brown Elephant.

My daughter is usually not too keen on going to resale shops with me. But the Brown elephant was different. It’s big and airy, and not as cramped as your typical Salvation Army (which, coincidentally, has its headquarters in the general vicinity of where we were). We looked at couches, mostly, and we found one that we both liked and wanted to consider taking home with us.

As we were looking around, some 80s hits were playing in the store, including Wham’s “Everything She Wants.” It’s been many years since I heard that one, so I started to sing along with it. “Dad!” called my little one, afraid that I was embarrassing her in the presence of people that we didn’t know and would never see again. Until further notice, everything I do will probably embarrass her on some level.

I took a picture of my little one sitting on the couch, with a pride flag on full display in the background. She gave me a big grin, and I’ll probably always look at the picture and remember the 80s music in the store, and the couch that was judged to be more than our Prius would be able to get home on that day. So we decided to head back to the car before we got a parking ticket.

We browsed through the books and CDs on our way out, and I happened upon Wham’s Make it Big CD, which contains “Everything She Wants”, along with a few other 80s staples. For the price of one dollar, I was able to pick up a CD that I otherwise would never consider buying. But as long as it takes me back to the Brown Elephant and an old couch and a happy, yet easily-embarrassed nine year-old, it will be well worth the price.

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