I can’t wait for this

My admiration for Abraham Lincoln runs deep. I carry Lincoln’s name as my own middle name, and proudly so. Nobody ever changed America for the better more than he did. Ending slavery, which had existed for centuries, was an unqualified good thing. And he made it happen, almost all by himself.

The prospect of a movie about his life and his struggles in the White House is exciting. But in the hands of Steven Spielberg, who is probably the best movie director there’s ever been, it’s even more exciting than that. The film is coming out after the election, so it’s still about two months away. But seeing it will be imperative once it does come out.

I’m foreseeing lots of Oscar buzz about this one, just because the names attached to the movie (Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, and Tommy Lee Jones, among others) and the Lincoln interest that has remained strong ever since 1865.

Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book A Team of Rivals was the basis for this movie, and it is a superb read. So that material, in the hands of an ace director and top notch acting talent, can’t help but be a movie for the ages, can it?

Come November, I’ll either be relieved at the outcome of the election or disgusted beyond words, and anyone who’s been here before knows which outcome would evoke which reaction. But either way it turns out, the president I’ll be most interested in seeing will be the one who won the Civil War. Neither of the current candidates will ever come close to what he accomplished.

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