Write on

From the very beginning, the word counts of these posts have interested me, to the point that I keep a spreadsheet with the name, date, and word count for every post that I write. Whether it’s a post of  under 100 words–such as the one I wrote yesterday— or more than 1,200 words like the one I wrote earlier today, it seems that I always have something to say. This blog provides an outlet for those thoughts, and I’m very happy to have it.

In October of 2011, I pointed out that I had reached 100,000 words written in this space. There was still a lot more to say, so I kept on going. Thoughts came into my head, as they always have, but rather than just letting wither away, these ones worked their way through my creative process, such as it is, and found a place on the internet. And once that process had begun, there was no holding it back.

The thoughts kept on coming, and so did the posts describing them. In March of this year the 200,000 word level was reached, and there was no letup on the horizon. So I kept on adding more and more posts, mining the experiences of everyday life, along with my memories of things gone by. There were things I had always wanted to say, and things I never thought of before. It’s all floating around in my head and, once the writing process starts to occur, they end up out on the internet, as well. And that’s important because the internet will live forever, but I won’t.

This post is actually being written two days after the 300,000th word appeared in this space. And I’m not planning to stop doing this anytime soon. When you find something you enjoy so much, why stop doing it?

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