A billion dollar blunder

The NFL’s owners have decided to use replacement referees this season, instead of  giving the referees what they want, and the results have been nothing short of disastrous. The botched call at the end of the Monday Night game between the Packers and the Seahawks was ridiculous. The Packers got screwed. There’s nothing else to say about it, really.

Somebody on ESPN today estimated that a billion dollars changed hands on the basis of that call from last night. There’s no way to know for sure, but even if it was just a fraction of that amount, there are many, many people who are not happy with the way things turned out.

You get what you pay for in life, and the NFL is no different than anybody else. If they want to stiff the experienced referees, and bring in less qualified people to do the work, they’ll get results like they did last night. It doesn’t matter to me what they do, since I’m not really an NFL fan, but it seems that this could all be avoided by giving the experienced referees what they want.

We’ll just have to wait and see how long the NFL wants to stay on this path, but this can’t be sustained for very long, can it?

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