A long way from marshmallow fights

In just a few hours, the Big Ten football season will begin. As a Northwestern alum, football hasn’t always been something I looked forward to. In fact, the team in 2012 already has as many wins (four) as they did in my last three years there combined.

If there’s anything more painful in sports than watching your school go 0-11 for a season, as they did when I was a senior in 1989, I haven’t experienced it yet. No, wait, I’m a Cubs fan. Yes, I have experienced something more painful.

So the football team’s success is something I won’t ever take for granted. I also like their chances to do some damage in the Big Ten this year. Playing eight games over the next two months will tell the tale of where they stand, and then maybe they can win a bowl game, too. That’s the final frontier, as far as football is concerned

I always hear Pat Fitzgerald say this, so I might as well say it too,


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